Delicata, Soft Hand-woven Merino Scarf


Hand-woven Merino Scarf

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This beautiful scarf is handwoven on a traditional weaving loom in London, UK. The scarf is super soft, lightweight, and warm so it’s perfect to wear all year round.

The merino wool is sourced from mills in Italy and is of the absolute finest quality.

This merino is then colored using finely powdered mineral rocks. These dyes are 100% natural, ecologically-friendly, and free from synthetic ingredients. Perfect for our skin.

This is something truly special and would make a fantastic gift!

The pattern is inspired by traditional twill structure and geometric shapes to create a soft drape, loose weave scarf. The design is also influenced by the yarn itself and a desire to show off the dappled dye effect on the wool, ensuring both the warp and weft yarns are visible and through colour blending.

Hand made to order: production time of 3-weeks
Made from: 100% Merino wool
Hand wash or dry clean only
Design and production by Fiona Daly (Fiona Daly Textiles, London)
Dimensions: 36 cm x 150 cm (including fringe)

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