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Cheer Crochet Pillow

This vibrant yarn and charming crochet pattern are a perfect match! Add texture and color to your chairs and sofa with this unique pillow. This chunky colorful cotton crochets up quickly, so you’ll have a new addition to yuor home in no time. Materials & Tools  ... read more

Simple Textured Scarf

This precious textured scarf looks almost as good on the reverse side as it does on the right side. No shaping is required as the natural tension of the different ribs used do the shaping for you. A great project for a beginner, it is easy to knit but at the same time... read more

Silky Boho Choker

Soft and feminine, you can’t help but feel pretty wearing this choker. This romantic choker necklace is made using our 100% Silk Chenille. Often called “knittable velvet,” this yarn is rich and dense, just perfect to create something precious and... read more

Leaves-Me-Not Shawl

This beautiful textured wrap  has a lovely leave effect pattern running throughout. Knit with a rectangular shape, it is the perfect choice to get tons of compliments 😉 Materials & Tools     1 pair of 4 mm needles 5 x 50 g of any colors of the Mineral Series... read more